Lose Stubborn Belly Fat - 5 Minute Home Ab Workout

Welcome to another post on awaisworld.com. Today, I'm gonna show you guys the best way to lose stubborn belly fat with a five-minute home ab workout. All right, so let's get started. So today, I'm gonna show you guys how to lose stubborn belly fat. In my opinion, the best way. So normally, when I work out my abs, I have one day just to work out my core. That's the actual abdominal muscles. Things like leg raises, L-sit holds, and exercises that mainly target your actual abdominals. And now I also have another day just to work out high-intensity interval training and cardio-type training. This day is mainly to target my overall abdominals as a whole, as well as increase my heart rate and lower belly fat.

Lose Stubborn Belly Fat - 5 Minute Home Ab Workout

Now normally, people just don't have two days out of the week just to train abs. And oftentimes they may find themselves opting out of one or the other. Either just doing high-intensity interval training, or cardio training, like running or something like that. Or, they're doing just core workouts. And you have to be doing both to get a really strong core and a shredded physique, as well as the endurance benefits, you must be doing both. Cardio as well as core workouts, as well as high-intensity interval training. So now I'm gonna show you guys a five-minute workout that's gonna burn your stubborn belly fat and it's also gonna get you really shredded.

Lose Stubborn Belly Fat - 5-Minute Home Ab Workout

This is a workout that's for beginners, intermediate and advanced. We're gonna do one round that's gonna take five minutes. But if five minutes is not enough, you can always do this round one, two times, three times, four times, as many times as you want. This workout is definitely gonna build your endurance, and at the same time, burn that belly fat and get you that shredded physique. All right, so we're gonna go for five minutes straight. You guys gotta keep up with me. Every 30 seconds we're gonna change an exercise, so we're gonna do a total of 10 exercises, nonstop, without stopping.

Leg Flutters

The first exercise we're gonna do is boat hold leg flutters with a ball. Then we're gonna go into Russian twists, and then we have laying leg raises. After, we have sit-ups while throwing the ball in the air. Then we're gonna go back up into jumping jacks to hit some cardio. After, we have some knee taps. Then we're gonna go back onto the floor and go into plank side to side. From there, we're gonna go to side plank hip raises, mountain climbers, and then we're gonna finish it off with bicycles. Remember guys, we are not gonna stop. We're gonna go for five minutes straight without stopping. If you need to stop, you can go and take that quick break, but just jump right in, do not stop the clock, just keep going, keep going. Eventually, you're gonna get better and better and you'll be able to do this completely without stopping for the full five minutes. So, if you guys are ready, I'm ready, let's start with the first exercise.


Boat hold leg flutters, hit the timer. All right guys, just, now you wanna pace yourself. Make sure to breathe, make sure your legs are completely straight, and make sure you're holding that ball up. If you don't have a ball, of course, it can be anything, use a book, a weight, whatever you like. So we're almost there for the next exercise.

Russian Twists

Next, we have Russian twists, three, two, one, let's go for it. Keep those legs straight. Make sure you're maintaining your breathing. Breathe, guys, that's the most important thing when doing this. Keep that core tight. All right, here we go, getting ready for the next move. Laying leg raises. Make sure that your head is not just on the floor. You guys wanna really feel those abdominals. Keep your hands all the way back. Make sure your feet are going all the way up. All right, next move.  Sit-ups, with the ball. Control this move, guys, don't just yank yourself up and slam back down. Completely control and keep breathing.

Jumping Jacks

All right, moving on to the next one, we have jumping jacks, here we go. So, if you guys are already feeling a little fatigued, you can slow down, but the key is not to stop. Even if you have to slow down, keep going. All right, knee taps. Bring those knees up, keep that core tight. Almost there, guys. All right, next, we have plank side to side. Just a little more, make sure you're keeping that breath. Three, two, one, side plank. And then let's go with those hip raises. Push down with your shoulder as well as activating those obliques. One, switch sides. Four, three, two, one.

Mountain Climbers

All right, next exercise, mountain climbers. Pick up the pace, keep your shoulders straight, and keep that core tight. We're almost there, guys. Five, four, three, two, and one. Let's finish off with bicycles. Make sure to completely extend your legs all the way out, guys. All the way out, all the way in. Breathe, we're almost there. Five, four, three, two, and one. All right, there you go. Outro So that's five minutes without stopping. 10 exercises, 30 seconds each. As you can see, I'm drenched, man, this definitely works. 

This is an exercise for everyone, whether you're a total beginner, or you're already advanced, it's gonna definitely give you a shredded physique. It's definitely gonna build your endurance. And it's definitely gonna burn that stubborn belly fat the way that you need to be doing it. Not by doing just ab workouts, or just running, but doing them both combined. Getting that heart rate up, focusing on your core, focusing on high intensity, focusing on cardio. This is the key to getting a shredded physique. This is the way I did it. 

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