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In this article, I will share 3 breakfast recipes for muscle building in this article. We have paid attention while repairing every recipe that contains enough amount of protein, carbs, and fat. So, that it provides you energy the whole day. And if you are bored consuming Oats, Boiled Eggs, and Cereals then you must try these tasty recipes.

3 Best High 3 Best High Protein Breakfasts for Muscle Building - Awais WorldBreakfasts for Muscle Building

1. Egg Toast

The first recipe is Egg toast, with a little bit of my twist. And the ingredients we need are 4 slices of bread and we will cut the edges of the bread, you must remove the central part of the bread in this way, So, we are done with cutting the bread. let's move to the next step we will need eggs in the second step, we will use 6 eggs, 3 whole eggs, and 3 egg whites. We will add red pepper, yellow pepper green pepper, and Onion. and then we will add 2-3 spoons of milk and a pinch of black pepper. and some salt. And whisk it properly. We have placed the pan on the gas to make egg toasts.

We will add a spoonful of oil to the pan. We will also add the bread. will place the slice properly, and put the egg mixture into it. And we will add grated paneer to it. we will also use cheese in it. And we will add the egg mixture on top of it. and now we will add the rest of the bread piece, and press it a bit. Let it cook on low flame for 3-4 minutes. Let's flip it. look it looks delicious. Similarly, we cooked our other bread pieces. Let's eat the egg toast with ketchup. this is tasty as well as healthy, you should consume such breakfasts try it once. As we are discussing breakfast, and trying to make all recipes full of nutrients, So, that you feel energetic the whole day.

Along with this, I would like to suggest that you start consuming Ashwagandha with your breakfast. You can use Man Matter's Ashwagandha gummies, and it is better than other brands because the Ashwagandha present in these gummies is extracted from roots. Which is the purest and highest quality form. and it is extracted without using alcohol. In the first serving, you will get 300 mg Ashwagandha which will increase your strength and testosterone level, and help you build your muscles, these gummies help you reduce your stress, it also improve your sleep quality. and this will improve your muscle recovery. The best part is you will get ashwagandha in the first serving and 100% recommended daily dose of Vitamin D2 which is 10 mcg. Which improves your brain health, bone health, and immunity? You can consume 2 gummies with breakfast. For best results, you must consume it for 3 months.

2. Coffee Protein with Rice Cake

The second recipe we will be making today is Coffee Protein with Rice Cake. This recipe will be helpful to people, who go to the gym early morning. For people, who don't have enough time to cook. To make this, we will add 1 spoon of protein in a cup, and a small amount of water which is 2-3 spoons of water Don't add too much water we have to make a thick paste of it. the paste must have this consistency. Now we will mix 1 spoon of coffee in 200 ml water, and we will add the coffee mixture into the protein paste, Mix it well. And the protein coffee is ready. As I told you earlier, we will eat rice cake with protein coffee. But let's make it tastier. To do so, we will add a little peanut butter to the rice cake. and we will top it up with some bananas. And a pinch of cinnamon powder. This rice cake and protein coffee is quite different from your usual breakfast.

3. Moong Daal Tikki

The third and last breakfast recipe is Moong Dal tikki. Interesting. Here, we will need Moong dal around 100 grams and we boil it in a pressure cooker. We need 3 boiled potatoes, we will mix Moong dal and potato in a bowl. mash the potatoes as you can see, we mashed them properly, and now we will add two spoons of corn flour so that it mixes well. along with this, we will add salt and black pepper and again mix it well. Here, I placed the pan on the gas, and we will add 2 spoons of oil into it. And will increase the flame I have created the patties of moong dal fry the patties from both sides. The patties are almost ready, and the patties look delicious let's serve it on a plate. So, all the vegetarian people this dish is especially for you all.

Do not make excuses that you don't have any source of protein, these patties are a very good combination of protein and carbs. And this requires a little effort to make this dish. But if you desire a tasty breakfast, then you will have to put in some effort, which is totally worth it, So, these were the 3 breakfast recipes. Egg toast, a Coffee protein with rice cake, and dal patties. Do try three of them one by one. and do let me know in the comment box that which one you like the most? But each one of them is full of nutrients and you can include these recipes in your breakfast. This will help you in muscle muscle-building process, and it is very delicious. You can replace these recipes with your boring breakfast.

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