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One Viewer is back with his question about a vegetarian diet plan for muscle building and most people have this doubt about whether muscle building is possible for vegetarians or not. To burst this myth, I have shared a beginner diet plan for muscle gain.

Beginner Build Diet Plan For Vegetarian - Awais World

Nutrition Schedule for Evening Workout Beg:

Meal 1:

4 Walnuts and 10 Almonds Energize all day and help improve muscle.

Meal 2 Breakfast Time 8 – 8:15 AM:

Make 50-gram Oats (Raw Weight) with water and salt and eat with boiled chickpeas 50 grams (Raw Weight)

Meal 3 Time 10 – 10:15 AM:

Eat 200 to 250 grams of any seasonal fruit.

Meal 4 Lunch Time 1 – 1:30 PM:

Eat 250 grams of White rice (Cooked Weight) with green vegetables 200 grams of paneer and 1 cucumber.

Meal 5 Pre-Workout Meal Time 3 – 3:15 PM:

Eat 200 gram boiled potato and 100 gram roasted chickpeas before going to the gym drink one glass of beetroot juice.

Meal 6 Post Workout Time 7 – 7:30 PM:

Eat two bananas and 01 scoops of whey protein. Whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian after a workout drink a protein shake is the best option for muscle building.

Meal 7 Dinner Time 9 – 9:15 PM:

Eat 60-gram green moong daal split (Raw Weight) with 3 chapattis and 1 cucumber half lemon.  Moong Daal is the best protein sores for vegetarians or non-vegetarians.

Meal 8 Before Sleep:

Drink 01 Cup of Lukewarm Milk. This milk is healthy for you.

Nutrition Schedule for Morning Workout Beg:

Nutrition Schedule for Morning Workout Beginner Build Vegetarian is

Early Morning - 6.00 AM

Banana 2

Pre-workout Drink - 7.00 AM

Black coffee 1 cup

Workout Time - 7.15 am to 8.30 am

Post workout/Breakfast - 9.00 am

Whey protein 1 scoop White potato 200 gram

Mid meal - 11.30 am

Chickpeas 50gm (raw weight) Fruits 200-250 grams

Lunch - 2.00 pm

Paneer 200-gram White rice 250 gm (cooked weight) Green veg 1 bowl Salad 1 bowl (cucumber)

Omega meal - 4.00 pm

Almonds 10 Walnut 4

Evening Snack - 5.00 pm

Bhuna Chana 100 gram White oats 50 gram (raw weight) Almond oil 5ml

Dinner - 8.30 pm

Green Moong Dal Split - 60gm (Raw Weight) Roti 3 (whole grain) Salad 1 plate (cucumber)

Before Sleep

Milk 1 glass lukewarm with turmeric & cinnamon.

This is the best diet plan for vegetarians to build muscle within two months. For more articles related to motivation, fitness, workout, muscles, nutrition, bodybuilding, etc. Do visit our website and follow our social media pages see you next article.

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